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On-Field and Pre-Field Training and Tech Support

Conference Servant Teams

  Conference Servant TeamsInvite a Missionary Tech Support Servant Team to your next pre-field or on-field missionary conference.  Servant Teams raise their own support and offer all their services free of charge.

Here's what some have said about Missionary Tech Support Servant Teams:

-- We were so glad to see you, since some of our computer problems date back more than eight months...Now, we can spend our time more on what we are here for -- reaching out to those who want to know more about the WORD, and less time on what we're NOT here for -- messing around with  computer stuff we don't have any training in.

-- Thanks so much for your servant heart, for your expertise, and for your service to the Lord in this way.

Servant Teams Offer:

Email Help Training - Our trainers can patiently teach a wide-range of technologies from beginner to expert levels.

Repair - Our visiting team of professional technicions can troubleshoot and repair a wide-range of technology problems from computers to networks to phone systems.

Training for Missionaries - On-field and Pre-field

  PC Manual for MissionariesMissionary Tech Support offers missions-oriented computer and technology training to missionaries based on the PC Seminar and Workshop for Missionaries and our PC Manual for Missionaries completely free of charge.

Why Train Missionaries to Use Computers?
Missionaries use computers as tools on a daily basis.  From communicating via email to accounting, computer use is part of the missionary's every day life - and if it's part of the missions experience, it should be part of the missions training.

The missionary's computer experience is somewhat different from that of the Joe Normal.  Extreme climates and unstable electrical supplies are just a few of the strange things missionaries have to deal with on the field.  Our training is written by missionaries for missionaries.

For more information about computer training for your missionaries or to invite a training team, please email info@missionarytechsupport.com.

Find more technology training resources at MissionaryComputerTraining.com.

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